Yellow Rock Farm

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Why Yellow Rock?

I thought it would be a good idea for my first blog posting on this site to answer an often-asked question about the name of our farm. Why Yellow Rock Farm? When my husband and I were dating, we square danced. One night at a dance, we heard the caller say "yellow rock your corner, yellow rock your partner." Paul had been square dancing for years and didn't know the term, and newbie me sure didn't. But as we looked around, we saw lots of hugging going on! Turns out, "yellow rock" is a term for hug. Well, we joined in on that call and after the dance, I told him if we ever had a place to name, that would be its name. He agreed, but I'm sure he thought I'd forget about it - but I didn't - and in 1996 when we bought our 20 acre place I had the name already ready: Yellow Rock Farm!