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You will love this fall scent: Cozy Cottage - a warm fall, cinnamon-y homey smell. You will not think about pumpkin spice once you experience this one!

About Our Store

Like something? Alpaca your shopping bag!

Dryer balls - you will never go back to dryer sheets again!
- 100% hand felted alpaca dryer balls will cut up to 50% off your drying time! How? So glad you asked: alpaca fiber naturally wicks away moisture so their efficiency will work for you in your laundry.
- no more chemicals on your clothes or on your body! What?! Dryer sheets are made up of plastic and chemicals - ugh! Don't want to wear that!
- they last for years! Really? Yes, really!
Truly a great product and a great money savings at $20 for a set of 4. Use all 4 loose out of the bag and just let them live in the dryer and do their thing. You're welcome!

Goat's milk soap with luffa. We grow the luffa on our farm; I know, you thought it came from the ocean. Not so - it's a member of the gourd family and is grown from seed on a fence. And the way we put together this product creates a truly unique bathing experience. The soap is smooth and gentle on skin, but there's a whole piece of luffa inside it for exfoliation. Many scents available: honey almond (our best seller!), peppermint, wintergreen, eucalyptus spearmint, Christmas splendor, cozy cottage, apple cinnamon, baby powder, sandalwood bourbon, patchouli, creamy coconut, cherry blossom, peach and lemongrass. $5/bar

For you fiber artists, we have alpaca yarn spun from our own herd with the name of the animal on the tag. So, when someone asks who you're wearing, you can say, "Why, Jasmine, of course!" Colors range from true white to true black with grays, browns, and fawns in between. Oh and some kool-aid dyed colors that are really luscious. You will love the feel and the way this yarn works up into your project. Prices range from $18-$25/skein.

For the cold-footed, we have the best socks ever! Alpaca socks in varying degrees of height and weight - some even have rubber grippers on the bottom in the shape of alpacas! Awwwww! Ok y'all, this is the truth: you can wear these socks for WEEKS before washing - and they don't stink! Alpaca fiber naturally wicks away moisture and is hypoallergenic. This may be their best feature! If you could put a price on comfortable, dry, warm feet it would be $15-$25/pair.